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Cold water early spring Michigan largemouth bass

Cold water early spring Michigan largemouth bass caught by MichiganBassSeason.com owner Dan Kimmel

MichiganBassSeason.com is your one-stop resource for everything from updates to news on the Michigan bass season including the latest regulations, public meetings, activities occurring to look at more bass fishing opportunity and general information on Michigan bass biology and resource management.

Questions and comments of a positive and meaningful nature are welcome. MichiganBassSeason.com is generally supportive of providing the most bass fishing opportunity for all bass anglers that sound science and our available natural resources support. We do not support emotional and social restrictions in general because they tend to limit opportunity that our natural resources are capable of providing.

We support educating bass anglers and interested public about available practical experience and scientific research. More educated people are less likely to tolerate unnecessary social and emotional restrictions of our fishing and hunting opportunities.

You can join MichiganBassSeason.com and comment on various articles and/or contact us with questions and comments. We may not be able to provide an individual reply to every contact but we will try to answer common questions and address popular topics.

MichiganBassSeason.com is owned and operated by Dan Kimmel, web designer, developer and webhost at AnglerHosting.com, and owner of GreatLakesBass.com. More information and discussion can be found on the GreatLakesBass.com Michigan Bass Season forum.